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We are Kal The Tech. We love computers and we have passion for helping people. So far it's a one man show but future is bright, I am optimistic. Having been in information technology for over 16 years, I have a range of experience in tech.  We are there for your IT needs.

What the heck! KalTheTech!

Make IT easy!

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My Story

Ever since I was a child I dreams of assembling computers on an assembly line, that is how I envisioned working in IT. But when I grew up that was a bit different how it was done. I assembled my share of desktops and loved it. I then went to high school and then went of to college for Computer Science. Once completed my diploma I was lucky enough to work for D-Link as a technical support representative. I then moved to different companies and always had a technical position, including operation specialist, system administrator, system consultant and system engineer. I have gained great experience and continue to learn along the way.


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